Celebrating female creators and characters in comics, Comics Dungeon will be hosting a special event on August 14th starting at 7pm and ending at 9pm that will be ladies only! Only female staff, female guests, and female fans will be allowed as we promote some of the best comics and creators with a special sale:
-Trade paperbacks and GNs 25% off
-All recent backstock comics on the West wall that are older than 3 months will be dro…pped to $1! This part of the sale will continue through Tues the 24th so that guys can take advantage as well 🙂
-Back issues 50% off!
Extra 5% off if you are a subcription customer!

Also, we will have special guest Jennifer Stuller in the store for a signing! Jennifer is a professional writer, critic, scholar, pop culture historian, and the author of Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors: Superwomen in Modern Mythology.
For more info, check out her site at:

Jennifer K. Stuller | Writer, Editor, and Pop Culture Critic & Historian

Remember, no men allowed after 7pm!

*We just got in a bunch of cool items from Dark Horse that we will be raffling away for free on Ladies Night, including an Emily the Strange doll, Tara McPherson mugs, a signed copy of Janet & Alex Evanovich’s Trouble Maker GN, a Classic DC Heroes Wonder Woman statue, and more!